Sunday, February 12, 2017

10 years x 10 classes in Hong Kong

Do you want to participate in the Hong Kong program to celebrate 10 years of Urban Sketchers? Take a look at the schedule and book the dates in your agenda!

A. Little stories (Build your basic sketching skills)
21 Jan
1. Stories of Small Objects : Learn the fundamentals of sketching by drawing collections of interesting objects
Ben Luk
11 Feb
2. Many Points of View : Learn the basics of perspective
Alvin Wong
5 Mar
3. Framing Fundamentals : Learn to decide what to sketch, and create simple focal points in your work
Vanessa Leung
B. Medium stories (Adding Interest with Places and People)

23 Apr
4. Foregrounds and backgrounds : Make your sketch interesting with subjects and context
Vanessa Leung
6 May
5. The Basics of Drawing People : Capturing gestures and body language - starting with people who hardly move
Rob Sketcherman
3 June
6. People Mountain People Sea : Drawing crowds and people in motion
Rob Sketcherman
C. Great stories (Tackling Large, Complicated Scenes)

2 Sep
7. The Basics of Bending Perspective : Learn about getting more in your sketch with 180* fish-eye techniques
Alvin Wong
14 Oct
8. Busy Street Scenes : Combine what you've learnt to tackle a typically busy Hong Kong street scene
Ben Luk
11 Nov
9. Wide vistas : Learn to create a panoramic sketch filled with detail
Gary Yeung
9 Dec
10. Story-telling in your sketches : Bring your work to life with a narrative. Learn to tell an interesting story through a combination of different of sketches.
Gary Yeung

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