Sunday, March 29, 2015

Maryknoll Convent School 90th Anniversary

"Thanks for Miss Barbara Hung (Chairperson of MCS foundation) for making all the connections with the school."

It was a wonderful Saturday (28/3/2015). Being invited by MCS to sketch together with their Art students. We began the sketchcrawl with a little tour lead by Dr. Maria Lee, the supervisor and Mr. Yan, teacher of MCS. The beautiful campus is hardly open to outsider and it was a privilege for USkHK be able to sketch this beauty.

Greeting to everyone before we start.

 The campus was covered with beautiful flowers and quickly we made there as our home for the day.

Morning session.
 We had a good time with Jane Blundell, a visiting artist from Sydney.  Her knowledge of colour blew our minds and got us fully inspired!

After lunch, we went back for the second sketch.

And here are some of our results below:
Rita Ho
(Sketch during open day on 14/3/2015) Alvin Wong
Alvin Wong
Romy Wu
Leung Shou Chun and his poem of the day.
Fat Yip

 Ben Luk

 Noble Wong

Chloe Yau
Kitty Kong

Ming Lee

Pei Sea Low

Gary Yeung

Chan Yat Kuen

Guiliaume How-Choong

Vanessa Leung

Grace Tam

Jane Blundell

Victor Law

Magi Chen

Eugenie Tan

Cynthia Pong
During the Easter Holiday, Gary Yeung went back to Boundary Street and captured the corner of MCS, together he painted the Lion Rock.
We had talked about this view when we were sketching on the 28th March; we think this angle is very interesting and colourful as well.  Also, the Lion Rock is the logo of USkHK, which is a very meaningful image.

Dr. Maria Lee