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The Urban Sketchers logo was created by Italian designer Franco Lancio. According to Franco “It represents a sketchbook as well as different windows or ways to see the world from every sketcher’s vantage point.”  this logo is displayed on official Urban Sketchers communications/merchandise as well as by approved Regional Chapters, with the Urban Sketchers Mission Statement and Manifesto.
As an official chapter of Urban Sketchers, we followed the tradition to adopt the sketchbook logo from the board:

USk HK adapted the profile of the Lion Rock.  Together with English and Chinese 速寫香港 to symbolize Hong Kong has been a multi-cultural city.  

What is Lion Rock and Why Lion Rock?

Lion Rock is located in Kowloon Peninsula, famous for its shape and visible from the whole Kowloon.

獅子山下精 The spirit of Lion Rock has been the Hong Konger value after the WWII, meaning we always endeavor our ways up to achieve a better life, no matter how harsh the environment is.

Use of our logo:

Our logo cannot be copy or use without permission.  If you wish to use it, please write to urbansketchershk@gmail.com formally and state your reason.

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