Sunday, November 22, 2015


***** Announcement *****

We have received many complaints about a group calling themselves 'Hong Kong Urban Sketchers' (HKUS) on Facebook and Meetup.

Several foreign USk sketchers have also informed us that they could not reach us because they  messaged this group, mistaking it for ours.
We've given 'Hong Kong Urban Sketchers' the benefit of doubt and sent a few friendly messages to the group's host, letting her know we are the official HK affiliate of the globally recognized Urban Sketchers group. Her use of the name 'Urban Sketchers' is obviously confusing to all, and we  even suggested other (great) names she could use. We also invited her and her members to participate in our most recent sketchcrawl so we might get to know one another. (No one showed up.)
We would like to inform everyone  that the name 'Urban Sketchers' can only be used with prior approval by the official Urban Sketchers group and would like to make the following statement:
1. We welcome collaboration with all groups that promote the noble art of sketching and its vibrant community. (But do be more original with your name and don't ride the coattails of others)
2. Hong Kong Urban Sketchers (HKUS) is completely unrelated to Urban Sketchers Hong Kong (USkHK).
3. We sincerely hope that HKUS will remove the name 'Urban Sketchers' to avoid further confusion.

Board of Directors of
Urban Sketchers Hong Kong
21 November 2015

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