Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Urban Sketchers Hong Kong at the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium

We, a band of merry urban sketchers from Hong Kong took part in the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore from 22 - 25 July.  We attended workshops, lectures, sketch walks and along the way we met many wonderful sketcher friends from around the world. It was a great trip for learning, sharing and having fun.

 Rob Sketcherman

Carrie Leung

 Alison Hui

 Catherine Chan

Guillaume How-Choong

 Chloe Yau

Alvin Wong

 Cynthia Pong

 Elaine Chiu

Ben Luk

 Elena Klimova

 Helen Chan

Grace Tam

 Justin Ng

 Sandy Hau

 Stella So

Gary Yeung

One of a joyful dinner with the locals and overseas sketchers.


  1. So great to meet new friends from Hong Kong!

    1. Parka, your videos have set a very high standard of how to record a symposium. Thank you!

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