Monday, April 6, 2015

Graham Street continue and forever.

After the sketching event organized by our friend Sketcher-Kee on the 22nd March, 2015.   Our sketchers did not stop the momentum and continue to record this face lifting neigborhood.

Noble Wong

Sandy Hau

Ming Lee
Chloe Yau

photo by: Jane Blundell
Jane Blundell
Alvin Wong
Pang Bear
Fat Yip

Peel Street, Central
Gary Yeung
Beautiful terrazzo balconies of a printing company at the corner of Wellington Street and Graham Street. The owner has moved and the building will soon bite the dust.  
This florist's stand was on the opposite side of the alley last week. Her stall got demolished by the Urban Renewal Authority and she continues her business beside the butcher.

Another scene from the rapidly disappearing Graham Street market. On that day I sketched with Jane Blundell from Sydney. I am not sure how old the grocery store on the left was. It was the scissor framed awning that attracted me at first. Half way through the sketch the lady from the flower stall started removing the beautiful orchids in front of me. Jane said to me "it's all my fault!" as it was ...the orchids which attracted her initially. So I asked the florist whether she was packing up for the day, she replied that she was taking a lunch break and after a while the orchids came out again. Alvin Wong dropped by too, and we met Tommy Kane from New York. The grocery store has now closed permanently but the flower stall is still open for business.
Ben Luk

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