Monday, March 9, 2015

Sketching Sham Shui Po

A sketchcrawl held on the International Women Day (how come there is no International Men Day??) Anyway, we went to sketch in Shamshuipo, an old district in Kowloon side. I came in late, so I picked a relatively easy subject in the morning. A long elevation of a portion of Nam Cheong Street.
After a traditional lunch at the nearby DaiPaiDong, I found a narrow angle to sketch the St. Francis Church. I like it's Chinese-Western Style which quite fits the area.

You can read more story from our fellow group director Rob's site.

The last sketch I made was a typical high density building situated on Un Chau Street. Sketching it from a distance required a lot of give and take since there are so many things you can put into the sketch.

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